Money laundering is the criminal practice and process by which criminals are disguising proceeds from an underlying (predicate) crime to conceal their illegal origin and ownership and make the criminal proceeds appear to be legitimate.

Issues on anti money laundering and terrorist financing have since a number of years been at the top of the agenda in many international organisations. The adopted international standards are to be implemented on the national level by members of these organisations. The EU fourth Money laundering directive was adopted 2015-05-20 and shall be incorporated into national legislation by the member states 2017-06-26 at the latest. Sweden has already incorporated some parts of the new directive as i.a. the strenghtened PEPs rules and a current government Commission is expected to issue a proposal for further amended legislation in Feburary 2016.

In Sweden the EU third money laundering directive (2005/60/EC) and the EC implementation directive (2006/70/EC) have been transposed and implemented and a new Act (2009:62) on measures against money laundering and the financing of terrorism entered into force as of 15 March 2009. The Swedish FSA has also issued new Regulations and General Guidelines (FFFS 2009:1) on measures against money laundering and the financing of terrorism which entered into force as of 15 May 2009. Also other regulators on AML/CFT covering the non-financial sector entities and professionals have recently issued regulations.

Services we offer

Domestic services

We can provide advise and third party assessment on
  • The organisational and compliance functions in financial institutions
  • Risk assessments
  • Project assistance
  • Guidance in formulating policies and internal instructions
  • Customised training to targeted staff exercising duties involving anti money laundering issues ranging from the smaller institutions to the large financial groups as well as for designated non financial businesses as lawyers, auditors and dealers in high value items.
  • “Package services” including the abovementioned services as a package service at discount fees
International services

We can provide
  • Policy advise and advise to supervisors how to organise and exercise supervisory functions and on the more detailed level
  • The use of various supervision techniques regarding measures against money laundering in the monitoring of financial institutions
  • Customised training including distance learning courses and workshops with the stake holders involved as appropriate
  • Assistance in the drafting of regulations and general guidelines against money laundering and terrorist financing.
In certain issues/areas we co-operate with other experts working at leading international audit firms, lawyers, IT-companies etc. The range of co-operation issues/areas are first-hand the development and exercising of distant learning programmes on AML (e-learning), formulation and adoption of AML rules, policies and instructions, customised seminars and staff training etc.